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Best Engine Oils for Bikes in 2020 at Swagat Hai

Are you looking for the best engine oil for your bike in India?

Engine oil keeps your bike engine parts smooth through lubrication at high temperatures as well as reduces the rubbing in the components of the bike engine.

It is very important to have the right quantity of engine oil in any bike, many times people do not pay attention to this, due to which it causes a lot of damage to the engine if the oil quantity is reduced.

Engine oil also cleans the existing carbon and dirt available inside your motorbike engine. Let us tell you which are the best engine oils for your motorcycle.

We have created a list of best engine oils available in the Indian market to choose from based on most performance and power.

best engine oils for bikes india
Engine Oil for Bike in India

Using a good brand’s engine oil actually protects the engine of your bike from the moment you press the start button.

In this post, we are going to share the importance of engine oil and the list of best engine oils in the year 2020 for your 4 stroke engine bike.

List of the Best Engine Oils for Bikes in 2020

Here we go with the best performance engine oil for all motor-cycles below 300cc engine bikes, Refer the list below:

  1. Gulfstar Hybrid Petrol Engine Oil
  2. Motul 7100 4T Fully Synthetic Engine Oil
  3. Shell Advance Ultra Synthetic Engine Oil
  4. Hp Lubricants Engine Oil
  5. Castrol Power Synthetic Engine Oil

Keep reading to learn more about the details of each motorcycle engine oil.

1. Gulfstar Engine Oil

gulfstar bike engine oil

2. Motul 7100 Engine Oil

motul motorbike engine oil

3. Shell Advance Ultra Engine Oil

Shell motorbike engine oil

4. Hp Lubricants Engine Oil

hp racer engine oil for bikes

5. Castrol Power Engine Oil

castrol power engine oil for bikes

5 Benefits Of Choosing Good Quality Engine Oil For Your Bike

1: More Reliable Lubrication: Engine oil flows through all the necessary segments of the engine and gives the required lubrication between the motor parts.

2: Improves Fuel Efficiency: A good quality motorcycle oil enhances the overall fuel efficiency of your motorbike.

3: Boosts Engine Life: Regular oiling helps to increase the life of the vehicle. If the engine is in good condition then the bike is in good condition.

4: Gives More Performance: A great oil helps you get the best performance out of your bike. So if you are changing the oil on time then you can expect more performance from your bike.

5: Clean Engine: It keeps the bike’s engine clean and smooth so that you can have great riding experience.

The Importance of Engine Oil in Bikes

The engine is the heart of a motorcycle. A bike engine is built of different mechanical parts that work collectively to transform the fuel heat into mechanical power.

The main functions of engine oil are lubrication in bike engine, cooling the lubricated parts and cleaning of the motor parts.

Role of Engine Oil for your Two-wheeler Motorbike

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As a bike owner, if you want to increase the life of your lovely rides, It is advisable to use synthetic engine oil from the suggested brands for stable riding experience. Make sure you check and change the engine oil regularly to have a healthy and strong engine.

I hope we have answered all your queries regarding bike engine oil with this post. Do let us know which synthetic oil you are going to use next in the comment section below.

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