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We are pretty sure that you know who Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is. His full name is Jaggi Vasudev, everyone knows him by the name “Sadhguru“.

He is an Indian yogi, mystic, visionary and author. If you use Youtube on a regular basis then you might have discovered Sadhguru’s video on your Youtube feed.

He is the man behind Isha Foundation a non-profit organisation established in 1992. The Isha Foundation offers yoga programs and various spiritual services across the world. They’re also involved in environmental initiatives and education.

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We looked into more than 12 best Sadhguru books on Flipkart India Under 100, 200 and 500 Indian rupees available with discounts in paperback and Kindle editions. Check Kindle Devices Online at Amazon India If you don’t have one.

This post includes the best books by SadhguruJi on Spirituality, Life, Death and More topics. Learn more about books like Death; An Inside Story, Inner Engineering – A Yogi’s Guide to Joy, Adiyogi: The Source of Yoga, Flowers on the Path, Himalayan Lust, Of Mystics and Mistakes etc. which are available on Amazon India and Flipkart.

Before you start exploring the ultimate list of best Sadhguru books, quickly we would like to show you our top three picks from Amazon India below:


You can explore the list here and buy Sadhguru motivational and SadhguruJi’s self-help books online and change your life.

List of Books by Sadhguru and his teachings at Swagat Hai

Check out the ultimate list of the best Sadhguru books to read now and experience life in a totally different way. Keep reading…

  1. Eternal Echoes
  2. Death; An Inside Story
  3. Karma: A Yogi’s Guide to Crafting Your Destiny
  4. Inner Engineering – A Yogi’s Guide to Joy
  5. Inner Engineering in Hindi & Marathi
  6. Adiyogi: The Source of Yoga
  7. Of Mystics & Mistakes
  8. Yugan Yugan Yogi (Sadhguru ki Mahayatra) in Hindi
  9. Chaho SAB Kuchh Chaho in English & Hindi
  10. Flowers on the Path
  11. Himalayan Lust
  12. Joy 24 x 7

Find the name of the book by Sadhguru along with the book summary. Click on the link to check the book on Amazon.

1) Eternal Echoes: A Book of Poems by Sadhguru: The Book includes poems from the year 1994–2021. Check out a rare poetry anthology by Sadhguru Jaggy Vasudev. Check Death Book on Amazon

2) Death; An Inside Story – A Book For All Those Who Shall Die By Sadhguru. Check Death Book on Amazon

3) Inner Engineering – A Yogi’s Guide to Joy in English: This book helps you achieve a complete sense of well-being through yoga. Check Inner Engineering on Amazon

4) Adiyogi: The Source of Yoga – This is a book about Shiva, the first yogi among us. View on Amazon

5) Of Mystics & Mistakes – In this book, Sadhguru is talking about two types of People: Mystics & Mistakes. Read this to find your category. Check on Amazon

6) Yugan Yugan Yogi (Sadhguru ki Mahayatra) in Hindi – With this book, Sadhguru is helping readers to solve the existential knots and get a glimpse of the truth. Check on Amazon

7) Chaho SAB Kuchh Chaho in Hindi – This book will help you learn more about love and it’s aspects. Check on Amazon

8) Flowers on the Path in English – A probing, passionate and provocative insight into life by Sadhguru. Check on Amazon India

9) Himalayan Lust – Get a tour of the great Himalayas by reading this book by Sadhguru. View on Amazon

10) Joy 24 x 7– A good book by Sadhguru that debunks popular myths and ideas. Makes life easy and joyful to live without the added weight of social norms. Check Joy 24 x 7 on Amazon

11) Karma: A Yogi’s Guide to Crafting your Destiny – A new view on the overused and misunderstood concept of “karma” offers the key to happiness and enlightenment, from the New York Times bestselling author and world-renowned spiritual leader Sadhguru. Check Karma Book on Amazon

You can also check Sadhguru best books on Flipkart Books Page or Amazon India’s Books Page and explore more interesting books from Sadhguru’s universe.

FAQ’s About Sadhguru Books at Swagat Hai

What are some of the best books by Sadhguru?

All the books Sadhguru wrote are worthy enough to read as they are from his actual life experience and not just from some other books. Every book has something different to learn and live life.

Where can I buy Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev's books at a reasonable price online?

Here are the top 3 recommendations – Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy | Mystic’s Musings | Adiyogi: The Source of Yoga. You can buy at a reasonable price on Flipkart and Amazon India.

How to download your favorite Sadhguru books PDF for free?

You can visit – PDF Drive website here & download your favorite book’s pdf for free. And if you wish you buy a book then I will recommend you check out Sadhguru’s Flipkart Store Page.

Conclusion: If you are thinking about making some serious corrections to your life, then reading Sadhguru books will help you make your life path more clear and easy.

Let us know which Sadhguru book you’re reading now and which is the next in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and make it a great life.

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    1. I guess this experience is coming from the Book on Death; An Inside Story. A book for all those who shall die. Grab your copy from Amazon India now!

  1. Sadhguru is the Super genius human being and micro God living on earth in 21st century. We are so lucky that we can hear Sadhguruji’s life journey from various digital sources. I love all his books and his quotes about life and spirituality. Thanks for putting down all great stuff at one place. God bless you 🙏.

  2. Hello! site is very useful and inspirational, and I
    do not think I arrived without a reason. That’s why I want to help others share a book that has helped me a lot in my life.

  3. I think reading and knowing about the spirituality and spiritual world is an adventure in itself.

    For people who believe in spiritualism, knowing about it in deep is their only goal.

    I feel I am one of them and that’s the only reason the most books that I have in my book shelf currently belongs to the same genre.

    And the one author whom I believe blindly when it comes to this topic spirituality is none other than Sadhguru.

    The way he talks about spirituality by making the difficult concepts easy, no other author has still been able to do as per my experience. Go and read his books.

  4. Hi, The books which are mentioned in this post has something really spiritual and I am still not able to digest 100%. Thanks though

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