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ecommerce guest post website to promote ecommerce products and services
Guest Posting at Swagat Hai

Writing for the website provides the opportunity to share your idea, expertise, experience, and knowledge with our eCommerce community worldwide.

All the published guest posts on will be advertised throughout our social media marketing channels to give exposure to your brand.

What is Guest Post?

A Guest Post is a blog post or article or any content piece which is written for someone else’s website.

When you write and publish content on your blog it’s called a “post”, but when you write and publish the content on some other website or blog, it’s called a “guest post” as you are posting content as a guest.

eCommerce Guest Post Guidelines

Users of enjoy high-quality, well-researched data, and blog posts that help them in taking the right decision.

A Guest blog post should have links to reliable and relevant resources along with unique human-readable content.

The word count for guest posts covers from 1200-2000 words. team reserve the right to edit images, links, and content.

Content must be exclusive to Swagat Hai, cannot be republished, or merged to other websites.

Please share at least two topic ideas of articles you would like to write for, a bio, and sample links of your most recent work.

Allowed Guest Posting Categories or eCommerce Niches

We allow the following categories on our website for Guest Posting:

  • Online Books Store
  • Photography Products
  • Mobiles, Computers Shop
  • Home Appliances
  • Fashion Stores
  • Sports & Fitness Online Stores
  • Toy Store & Baby Products
  • Music & Video Games
  • SaaS Services, Software Products, Online Tools

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