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10 Best Baby Walkers in India in 2021

Baby Walker is the most suitable approach to help and inspire your little one while they learn to stand and walk.

Got an infant at home who is growing fast and exceeding his milestones? Then as a parent, you have to support his early developmental stages with the help of assistive devices, and by dedicating your time and attention to them.

A good baby walker helps the infant to progress to standing and walking without the support and also helps in strengthening his lower body muscles to help in balanced locomotion later on.

List of Top 10 Best Baby Walkers In India In 2021

Quickly we want to share the list of top ten baby walkers from popular brands like BAYBEE, LuvLap, Mee Mee and more. Details ahead!

  1. BAYBEE Smart Witty Round Baby Walker
  2. Panda Baby Walker With Music
  3. LuvLap Comfy Baby Walker With Height Adjustment & Musical Toys
  4. Mee Mee Baby Walker with Adjustable Height & Handle Bar
  5. R for Rabbit Ringa Ringa The Anti Fall Walker for Babies
  6. Sunbaby Hot Racer Musical Baby Walker with Toys
  7. Goyal’s My First Step Walker for Babies
  8. Dash Classic Baby Walker with Rattles & Hanging Toys
  9. Tiffy & Toffee Early Learning Babies Walker
  10. Goyal’s Cartoon Baby Adjustable Walker with Parental Handle

Choosing a baby walker is not an easy task, starting from choosing the colour to the model and its materials it is going to be no lesser than rocket science, especially if you are a first-time parent. 

But don’t worry, we are here to help you with the best available baby walkers from some of the major brands in India along with our well-curated buying guide, to help you aid in your buying decision.

6 Important factors to consider while buying a baby walker – Buying Guide:

For those who are finding it confusing in picking up the right type of baby walker for your child from the endless options available in the market, here are some important pointers.

1) Safety system:

Safety is the most important factor to consider while choosing a baby walker, as active babies can overdo it and fall by tipping over. Therefore, choose a baby walker with a wide base to enhance the center of gravity.

It also prevents the kids from getting hurt from the corners of the furniture. Also, look for anti-slip pads, safety bumpers, and non-skid grips to avoid accidents.

2) Seating arrangement:

Look for the seat arrangement, it’s padding, and the fabric so that it renders tremendous comfort and support for the skin of the baby. A proper seat should support the developing spinal cord of the baby and offers exceptional head support as well. Choose seats that are soft and are composed of skin-friendly fabric covering. Seeking to these comfort measures not just adds to the safety protocol of the walker, but enhances the kid’s affinity towards it as well.

3) Maneuverability:

One important factor that is of topmost importance when it comes to baby walkers is its maneuverability, as the kids move non-stop when placed on it. Choose walkers with wheels that swivel to get the walker moving and should not rotate independently. Also, look for walkers with locking wheels when you want to keep the child stationary in one place.

4) Adjusting height:

Selecting baby walkers with adjustable height is a cost-effective investment as babies soon outgrow the size of the walker. You can also stock the walkers for the next baby.

5) Lightweight walkers:

Baby walkers are available in different sizes and weights. But it is beneficial in choosing a lightweight walker as it will be easy for the baby to manoeuvre it. Heavier walkers can be difficult for the child to move, but are more stable and prevent accidents.

6) Miscellaneous:

Choose walkers with additional entertainment features so that the child is kept engaged in the walker. Also, choose products with a considerable warranty as it a reflection of the brand quality. Lastly, choose walkers that fall in your budget but don’t settle for very cheap products as their quality will also be poor.

Make sure you look for these six important factors. Now explore the baby walker products recommendation guide of top baby walkers in India at Swagat Hai.

1. Baybee Smart Round Baby Walker (Best Selling)

This is an EN 71 certified walker that has been constructed as per for the European standards to render exceptional safety for the baby. Its baby-friendly design appeals to over-protective parents.

You can be sure the baby will never get hurt while using this walker – thanks to its broad U shaped design. You can use it for your child when he turns 6 months and up to two years of age.


  • Three-step height adjustments to adjust as the baby grows.
  • 360-degree rotating wheels
  • Colorful toys on the console to engage the child


  • The durability of the product is a question because its made up of plastic.

Baybee Walker comes under 1500 rupees and It is a best-rated baby walker on Amazon India, Click the button below to read more.

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2. Panda Music Baby Walker (Simple & Cute Design)

Your kid would love this panda-shaped walker as its rattles, light, and music will keep then engaged for hours.

You can adjust the height of this walker as your child grows, and its wide frame can accommodate the child as comfortable as possible.

Your child will love its padded seat with backrest and will not mind spending many hours on it. The walker is safe and it is built of baby-friendly and non-toxic material.


  • Brightly colored walker to keep the child engaged in long hours of play.
  • Comprises of an entertainment module in the form of toys and music.
  • The seat cloth can be removed and washed.


  • Very less padding on the seat.

Simple and Cute Panda walker can become a friend of baby, It’s worth exploring this on Amazon India. Click the button below.

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3. Luvlap Baby Rocker With Light & Musical Toy Bar (Super Comfort for Kids)

This is an ideal walker for hyperactive children. You can use its stopper and safety lock functionality to keep the child moving towards stairs, bathrooms, kitchen, and potentially harmful places.

You can guide the child to move effortlessly with its push back feature. Its height is adjustable at three levels, so you need not worry about your child overgrowing the walker.

Your kid will love the attractive toy tray at the console with removable toys, music, and even light to entertain them for long hours.


  • Padded seat that can be removed for washing.
  • Dual-purpose walker for walking and rocking modes


  • The seat quality of the walker is not that great.

This is a good baby walker option from Luvlap brand under 2500 rupees budget. Check the deal now!

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4. Mee Mee Baby Walker With Handle Bar (Safe & Durable)

This standard baby walker complies with international standards of hygiene and safety.

This walker has a push handlebar to help you guide your child around the home, lawn, and even the park.

The walker has a sturdy design to support the child’s early stages of development and its cushioned seat renders maximum comfort.

There are safety features to restrict the movement of the baby towards harsh surfaces and objects.


  • The Walker is made up of premium quality materials that are durable and safe.
  • 360-degree rotational wheels for easy movement.
  • Removable electronic toys tray to entertain the child.

Nice and durable baby walker with good comfort for kids below 3000 rupees. Go for it.

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5. R for Rabbit Ringa Ringa (The Anti Fall Baby Walker)

This is a brightly coloured EN71 certified baby walker that has been built according to the European standards for safety.

You can use its brake pads to keep the baby stable in one place. This also ensures that the baby doesn’t go near stairs and other uneven surfaces.

You can also fold back the walker into a smaller structure for easy storage.


  • Strong brake pads to ensure a child does not fall off from the walker.
  • The rocking function is best enjoyed by babies with music and lights on
  • Adjusting height options


  • There are sharp edges at the bottom of the walker.

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6. Sunbaby Hot Racer Musical Baby Walker With Toys

This musical baby walker has a bright colour and design to help nurture the first steps of the baby.

You can remove its cushioned seats for washing, as they get dirty. You can also adjust the height of the walker to meet the demands of the growing child.

Its 360-degree rotational wheels help with easy and optimal movement.


  • Features electronic toy tray with the driving wheel
  • Toy console with music and light to keep the child entertained.


  • Poor quality construction.

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7. Goyal’s Baby Walker (Best Under 1000 Rupees)

This musical baby walker is made up of non-toxic plastic. The child learns to walk by pushing the walker forward.

It also comprises several other activities like sliding beads, flipping doors, spinning panels, turning gears, etc.

This toy helps in getting the first step of the child steady. The walker folds easily for storage and has a unique wide base for stability.


  • Textured wheel and easy handle for grip.
  • Multipurpose walker that boosts growth naturally

Ideal for kids who have already learned to walk and not for very young babies under 1000 rupees budget. Go for it.

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8. Dash Classic Baby Walker With Rattles (Foldable Body)

The walker is made up of sturdy and durable plastic and is capable of adjusting to three heights.

The walker features rattles and toys to entertain the kid. The walker features a comfortable and soft cushioned seat to enhance the baby’s comfort.

You can also fold it for easy storage and travelling.


  • Multi-directional wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Available in vibrant colours


  • Plastic quality is not that great but it’s fine considering the price point.

Check the latest deals on Dash Classic baby walker by clicking the button below. Grab the deal.

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9. Tiffy and Toffee Baby Walker (Best For Early Learners)

This baby walker has been designed in such a way that it encourages the baby to take their first step safely.

Its design appeals to babies of 6-18 months of age. This early learning walker renders the right amount of support for the baby and comes with a three-point adjustment to yield to the baby’s growth and height.


  • Detachable toy tray with light and music.
  • Cushioned seats for comfort.


  • The music is very loud. Not a con but can be a concern.

Tiffee & Toffee is a great baby walker option under 3000 rupees. Click to view more details on Amazon.

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10. Goyal’s cartoon baby adjusting walker:

This walker is attractive, entertaining, and has three-point adjustment levels.

Its foldable design ensures that it takes very little space in storage and you can also carry it when you travel.

The walker has a comfortable seat with back support to ensure that the child feels safe and secure while playing in the walker.


  • Excellent walker for babies who are 6-18 months of age.
  • Extra padded seat with backrest.


  • Not a durable one.

So if you’re looking for something short term you can explore this baby walker from Goyal brand.

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Wrapping Up – Baby Walker Post

The baby walker can be an excellent addition to your baby’s growth years, helping in their holistic development.

We would recommend Baybee smart round baby walker, Luvlap baby walker, and Mee Mee Baby walker for your child, as they are constructed of quality materials and have the necessary safety features and entertainment options onboard. You can choose anyone for your baby out of these 3 options.

When it comes to children, their comfort and safety matter the most, and as parents, we should not settle for anything lesser than branded products for their use. 

So which baby walker you are going to select from the list? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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