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Best Football in India (Buying Guide 2021)

Looking for the best football options in India under 500, 1000 or 2000 rupees then you have landed at the right post.

Swagat Hai’s guide will surely help you to find the best football in India in your budget.

Playing football is the best way to keep yourself active and fit. Owning a football is a pleasant experience for both kids and adults.

best football options in india

You can find a wide range of Football available online priced under five hundred to two thousand rupees. But which ones are the best?

In order to help you choose the best football, we bring you this curated list of the best ten footballs in the Indian market.

List of 10 Best Football in India in July 2024

Check the list of ten best footballs in India from popular brands like Puma, Nivia, Adidas, and Cosco.

  1. Nike Pitch Soccer Ball (Best Under 1500)
  2. Adidas UNIFO CLB Football (Best Under 2000)
  3. Nivia Storm Football (Top Under 500)
  4. Puma 6 MS Trainer Football (Best Pick Overall)
  5. Nivia Simbolo Football (Best Under 1000 Rupees Budget)
  6. Adidas Messi Q3 Football (Excellent Quality)
  7. Cosco Milano Football (Value For Money Product)
  8. Nivia Spinner Rubber (Best Football Under 500 Rupees)
  9. PUMA Future Flare Football (Best Build Quality)
  10. Nivia Street Rubber Football (Good Budget Option)

Now let us take you through the list of top footballs in India, Keep reading…

Nike Pitch Soccer Ball

Nike Pitch Training Soccer Ball is a great football for regular play on natural grass surfaces under 1500 rupees.

This is machine stitched waterproof football in rubber material with 12-panel construction for accurate flight off the foot. This makes the ball durable.

This football is a perfect fit for artificial turf and you can also use it for training purposes.

The contrasting graphics on the football make it more visible on the pitch.

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Adidas UNIFO CLB Football

This Adidas football is the perfect soccer ball for training, match or just to kick around under 2000 rupees.

This football has a bold design that comes with a Uniforia graphics design with a 100% TPU film cover.

It is made of soft synthetic material that makes the ball more durable for any field.

It is machine-stitched construction and the butyl bladder mean it’s ready to flow whenever you want.

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Nivia Storm Football Under 500

This is the best football under 500 rupees from the Nivia brand. The football is made up of rubberized moulded fabric.

Nivia storm football is suitable for hard ground, wet and grassy ground and you can also use it on the artificial turf.

The Butyl bladder design offers lasting air and shape-holding to assure the uniform game.

You can use this ball for training purposes or daily games. Check more details on Amazon.

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Puma Black Final 6 MS Trainer Football

This Puma football is of 6ms and its colour is Fluorescent Green. The football is made up of TPU material and its size is 5.

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It is a durable ball as compared to PVC material balls. You can enjoy playing with this football on the cemented surface or on the mud surface. It is made for training use only. It is made by the machine for the soft feel. 

It is harder than PVC footballs so it is advisable to play with care.

Overall the best option under 1500 rupees. The latest offer price for Puma Final 6 ms Trainer Football is around 1,300/- rupees. Click to check more details.

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Nivia Simbolo Football

The Nivia Simbolo Football is the FIFA certified ball. The outer surface of the ball is made up of PU material.

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Therefore, this football is very soft and very swingable in the air. The person who plays with the ball will have to put less effort while kicking.

You can play with this ball on the grass ground or artificial grass ground. This ball is hand Stitched with a perfectly round shape.

Nivia Simbolo Features:

  • Official Fifa pro approved football
  • 32 panel stitched construction
  • Top-class PU material top layer
  • High bounce and high speed
  • Rough ground compatible

Overall best football pick under 1000 rs in India. The current offer price is around 900/- rupees, View more details on Amazon.

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Adidas Messi Q3 Football

The Adidas Messi Q3 Football is set by Messi for the ball handling. This ball is machine stitched for the soft feel.

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It is also water opposing ball that can be used during rain also. It is of proper size 5 and very comfortable to play on the grass ground. As it is made up of TPU material it is much more durable. It is cheaper also.

Features of Adidas Messi Q3:

  • Inspired from Adidas Messi footwear range
  • Its hard-wearing TPU cover is machine stitched for durability.
  • Comes with the Messi logo on the cover.

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Cosco Milano Football

This football meets all the needs of normal people. As it gives a good response to your kicks and it is soft also.

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It is made by hand therefore it is strong and durable. The shape of the ball is completely round. It is made by Cosflex which is a very durable material.

Cosco Football Features:

  • Synthetic Hand Sewn Ball.
  • Cosflex material for a lively response on the ground.
  • Fitted with a latex bladder and has excellent shape retention.

A bouncy ball because of latex bladder. The latest deal price is around 900/- only. Go for it if your budget is under 1000 rupees.

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Nivia Spinner Rubber Moulded Football

This football is totally made from a rubber material. This football has an average bounce over the surface with the average speed.

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This football can oppose all weather conditions. It is very proud to have football which is totally made in India.

The main thing which we liked about this football is that it’s comfortable with rough ground or mud ground.

Features of Nivia Spinner Football:

  • Rubberized made football.
  • Proudly made in India for rugged and intense playing condition
  • Medium bounce and speed
  • All-weather resistance
  • Soft head

The latest offer price for Nivia Spinner Rubber Football is around Rs. 400/- only. Best football under 5000 rupees, go for it.

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PUMA Future Flare Football

PUMA Future Flare Football is a fantastic ball to play with. The outer surface of the ball is made up of Thermoplastic PolyUrethane(TPU).

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TPU is very hard and heavy material. This football comes up with a long life. The backing of the ball is made up of polyester for providing it with a soft touch or feel.

Features of Puma Future:

  • Thermoplastic polyurethane material outer
  • Comes with Multi-foam/polyester backing for a soft feel.
  • Great shape and bounce characteristics.
  • Rubber bladder for continued air retention.
  • PUMA Cat Logo print on the cover.

Another great option from Puma under 1000 rupees. Currently priced around at Rs 800/- on Amazon India, Check more details.

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Nivia Street Rubber Football

Nivia Street football is made of rubber material. It provides a good response to kicking. This ball is known for its good performance.

It is completely moulded with rubber. Nivia is also a very good brand of the athletics material and the footballs made by them are also very comfortable to play with. It is not that much costlier anyone can afford to buy it.

Features of Nivia Street:

  • Allowing maximum response & feel on the ground.
  • Rubber outer shell material.
  • Assures good performance
  • Rubber moulded football

This football from Nivia is intended for very light play and not for playing on rough ground. The offer price is around 600/- Grab the deal.

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3 Important Things To Consider Before Buying Football in India

Size Measurement:

The size of the ball matters a lot in football. The best size of a football is 5 and this size football is also used in the official matches of football. Football also comes in different sizes such as 3 and 4 but they are usually for children.

So if you are buying the football in India please refer to size 5.

The substance used in footballs:

Mostly the footballs are made up of these three materials –

  1. PU (Poly Urethane)
  2. PVC (PolyVinyl Carbonate)
  3. Leather

PU footballs are very soft and they are used in the official matches also. But because these footballs are soft they are not durable. They are made to play only on natural grass. Hence PU footballs should not be used in local street play or on rough ground. They are also very expensive.

PVC footballs are very reliable to play on local streets or on rough ground and also remain for a long time. As they are hard and heavy. But playing headshots with PVC footballs is a risk because they are hard and can damage your head. So be careful during playing with PVC footballs. These are also cheaper.

Hand Made Footballs:

The footballs which are hand made are most durable, strong, and reliable than the other football. So if you are buying a football please give first preference to hand made footballs.

NOTE: The footballs are shown in the list are very popular and are the best footballs in India at less price. By going through this list you must choose the perfect choice for yourself. According to your budget or needs.

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  1. Yes you have great information about footballs on your website. I personally use PUMA Football it is not the best but a great football to buy. PUMA Future Flare Football is a fantastic ball to play with. It has a Classy look and an affordable price of around 900RS and more important thing about PUMA is that is has beautiful Logos on it.

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